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  • Deified June: Happy Gay Pride, Inner Work, & Liberation

    Flags of many colors are a  transformative symbol on the timeless horizon of American Self-hood. While banners for businesses and logos for brands...
  • 2021 Spring Fling - CBD but What's your type?

    A record breaking winter has us thinking about Spring regeneration more than usual.  This casual obsession with regeneration and rebirth - namely s...
  • Ethnobotanists Explore Non -Pharmaceutical Healing

    “If the words 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness' don't include the right to experiment with your own consciousness, then the Declaratio...
  • Rookie Moms Survey - Free Sample of Daily Dose CBD

    Rookie Moms!  Please participate in our survey and you will receive 2 FREE DAILY Doses of CBD to sample.  Many thanks for your participation!
  • Animation Nights New York - Sponsored by Gummies!

     We really enjoyed our work with Animation Night New York.  This annual Animation Festival is dedicated to celebrating unique animation films lacki...
  • Mentioned in New York Magazine Featured in New York magazine April Edition.  
  • The Virtue of CBD Wellness

    Our resident Blog Expert Jessie Fernandes authors this dreamy & insightful visual expedition into the pathos of wellness derived from plant based materials.  Learn with us!  Follow Jessie on IG:@rosemarys.bebe or @h20.bebe