LifeStyle Tips & Relaxation Routines

  • Hemphome - A discount Code for the Gifting Season

    "Hemphome" - a a discount code crafted to assure a preparation method for you to succeed with all of social commitments, conversations, and codependencies.
  • CoWorking with CBD

    Coworking and colocating are the perfect environment for CBD Adventures!  We manufactured a pop up shop during cookies and cocoa well ness tech hou...
  • Artist of the Month - The intersection of Community and Beauty

    October is the month of myriad temperatures and changing appetites. We celebrate ourselves and also the cornucopia of adventures that await our eve...
  • Hempmeh's Make Shift Farmer's Market

    The Autumnal Equinox is just about upon us.  Get ready for the longer nights and the shorter days!  What did summer teach us?  Time to sample new G...
  • Feeling Topicals This Summer

    Muscle and Joint Relief for the Active Dad Bod Summer
  • Deified June: Happy Gay Pride, Inner Work, & Liberation

    Flags of many colors are a  transformative symbol on the timeless horizon of American Self-hood. While banners for businesses and logos for brands...
  • 2021 Spring Fling - CBD but What's your type?

    A record breaking winter has us thinking about Spring regeneration more than usual.  This casual obsession with regeneration and rebirth - namely s...
  • Ethnobotanists Explore Non -Pharmaceutical Healing

    “If the words 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness' don't include the right to experiment with your own consciousness, then the Declaratio...
  • Mentioned in New York Magazine Featured in New York magazine April Edition.  
  • The Virtue of CBD Wellness

    Our resident Blog Expert Jessie Fernandes authors this dreamy & insightful visual expedition into the pathos of wellness derived from plant based materials.  Learn with us!  Follow Jessie on IG:@rosemarys.bebe or @h20.bebe