About Hempmeh - a Division of HocusFocus LLC



You the curious seeker of amazing personal care tools, are the Hempmeh ideal!  We created this shop to serve the community of adventuresome buyers and shoppers ready to discover new ways of bringing out their best self.


Our Hempmeh Thesis: Offer newbies and enthusiastic CBD lifers an online destination to test out and discover favorite hemp products.  Hempmeh is a collection of CBD Products that are THC Free.  We curate CBD Products with outstanding formulations that are lab tested and contain natural ingredients.  Trying out CBD we found with so many outstanding products on the market why not test out more than 1 brand and find the one that has every affinity and benefit possible.  A personal multi - brand approach suddenly became an epiphany in solutions.  


Please e-mail us at: accounts@hocusfocus.biz if you have any questions about our products, your shipment or features on this shop.  We welcome comments and suggestions as well.  For partnership inquiries please use the contact us form.  We do make product donations for non - profits and media.  Influencers please contact: jfern@hocusfocus.biz for information on product samples.