Deified June: Happy Gay Pride, Inner Work, & Liberation

Flags of many colors are a  transformative symbol on the timeless horizon of American Self-hood. While banners for businesses and logos for brands are hardly worshiped by the public, they do hold an esteemed position in our common national heritage.   For me the rainbow flag of Gay Pride and Liberation illicit emotional depth, most likely because of my ongoing activism with Gay Inner Work.  A permanent impression on my psyche is forever carved by this movement.

I thought of flags in a new light. I discovered the depth of their power, their transcendent, transformational quality. I thought of the emotional connection they hold.


Worldwide the month of June is now known as the time for LGBQT+ collaborations, celebrations and memorials. Naturally this fairly new and modern national recognized observance creates a certain mystique of inclusion, intersectionality, culminating in a perfect swirl of life force and sexual identity.  On mass communications level LGBTQ+ is now the mandated spectrum. 

For me on a personal level the activism piece of this scene is the most resolute and inspiring.  With the ongoing action and reinvention of personal myths flourishing from the ancient patina of shamanic visions that go hand in hand  with the glow of Gay Liberation. This energy and spirit has been the lodestar of many movements since and many to come.    

Humankind like all successful species continually adapts our approach to existence.  We have organized around agriculture, hunting, religion and technology.  As our interests evolve so do our societies, civilizations, and cultures. For example at some point in the near future farming from the natural soil will cease and instead will  be a process mastered in a greenhouse.  Likewise as the legalization of hemp and marijuana evolved rapidly changing farming policy also impacted criminal justice!  Our American prize wheel just keeps spinning and this ongoing torque just keeps bringing us new and profound perspectives and inventions.   As informed and worldly as I may be, the activity of my collective unconscious is my most sincere and deepest node of accomplishment.  My ongoing  self realization through psychological development using Gay Inner work has truly made my life more worthwhile than I ever imagined possible.

The outside world not only engulfs us but is also a clone a willy because it  takes the shape of our inner collective consciousness.  Ultimately a landscape erected and compounded from our emotions, inner work and self development.  Protest, expression these many extroverted displays of identity and public life build equity in our shared community bonds and might be germinated in the future to hold up history. Yet it is the quality and viscosity of the material contained from our own inner forces, and not the container, which matters the most.  

Featured above - segment of the original 8 Color Gay Pride Flag. The Original Pride Flag has returned to San Francisco

Today I am bringing the total force of personal experience with gay rights and liberation as a cisgender straight female through sharing my impressions of Pride Month with you.  This month promo code for deals and packages including 40% off all orders is:




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