2021 Spring Fling - CBD but What's your type?

A record breaking winter has us thinking about Spring regeneration more than usual.  This casual obsession with regeneration and rebirth - namely shedding the past year of modified behavior - breathes life into the exciting errand of expanding our wellness routines.  This endeavor might potentially include CBD for the unique among us.  With CBD rising in popularity during the stay at home economy now is a great time to define for our self which brands and products suit you best .


I have been using CBD for two years now as part of my wellness routine.  All day long I am sending emails and working at my computer so I need a little jump start to relax my muscles when I start out on a fitness or sports routine.  In selecting the brands and products right for me I tested many companies and sampled my way to bliss.  Topicals, tinctures and edibles were my early targets for personal consumption.  After a few months of experimentation I found that edibles really stuck with me.


When I began my search for my CBD soul products I knew little about the legal and clinical distinctions of this heavenly salve.  My first learning came in understanding what brands were legit.  The prominent feature in deciding to trust a CBD Brand are the transparency and accessibility of their 3rd party lab tests.  Here is an example : https://greenroads.com/labsheets.  All of the CBD brands featured on HempMeh.shop have 3rd Party Certified Lab Results featured on their website.


Once you have vetted the brands for quality, legitimacy, and credibility you must apply your own personal matrix of criteria.   Many high quality brands are out there, so with such a plethora of choices how can you narrow down , and find  a brand for you: "the one". A big part of my journey has been understanding if I preferred Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum.   You may know that the difference in these two distinctions lies in the amounts of THC, that psychoactive chemical which provides the "high" many people enjoying chasing recreationally through pursuits of Marijuana.  CBD is available completely THC Free or with a bit of "kick" if you enjoy traces fo THC.  This composition of THC Free is known as "Broad Spectrum".  On the other end of the spectrum, is the full effect with THC and this garners a product the "Full Spectrum" label.  As you are choosing which CBD Brand truly suits your tastes and lifestyle, definitely assess if the desired effects you seek are best paired with "Full Spectrum" or "Broad Spectrum".  Here is a scientific explanation of the two types avail on Medical News Today 

If a CBD product contains several naturally occurring cannabis plant extracts, such as terpenes and other cannabinoids (including up to 0.3% THC), it is full spectrum CBDBroad spectrum CBD also contains several cannabis plant compounds, but it is typically entirely free of THC.


Many imbibers of CBD find that understanding which delivery method suits you: Sublingual (under the tongue/ingestible), edible (ingestible), topical (roll on/skin cream) is your favorite is the clutch piece of your personal CBD play book.  Honestly for me because I really never wanted to buy it from health stores and preferred to buy online I had to suss out the brands which I felt comfortable with.  Delivery and packaging were also important to me. 


Keep in mind CBD that is hemp derived and low in THC (legally defined as <.03% THC) is legal at a federal level.  Each of the fifty states and the US Territories may adopt their own policy regarding the commercialization and consumer use of these products.  

 For More Information about State by State Policies Regarding CBD and THC


 Next week I will reveal the methodology I used for discovering my favorite products.  


States with no CBD or THC Policy - We cannot deliver to these states: Idaho, Nebraska, and Kansas. 


States with positive CBD policies and low THC: Texas, Wyoming, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessessee, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina,


  • Hello Deborah – Thanks for your expert comment :). Yes Full Spectrum CBD is quite popular. Definitely find that the effects of products derived from this method to be more holistic. Hempmeh does carry Full Spectrum tinctures and gummmies from multiple brands like Green Roads and CBD Distillery with THC of up to .03%. If your question is broader and you are touching on the difficulty overall of locating Full Spectrum CBD in the marketplace I of course have a different answer for you. Generally Full Spectrum is more stringently regulated by state government entities. For example in some states Full Spectrum with THC > than .5% may require a medical card and is not allowed to be shipped across state lines. Let us know if that answers your question. Happy Weekend!

    Hempmeh Team
  • Why is it so hard to find Full Spectrum?

    Deborah Ott

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