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Coworking and colocating are the perfect environment for CBD Adventures!  We manufactured a pop up shop during cookies and cocoa well ness tech hour at our favorite downtown San Francisco CoWorking space - Werqwise.  As busy bodies hella bent on making the eco system a more psychological and intentional place, we offered complimentary samples to many of our new acquaintances.  However this was not without strings attached!  We requested that each recipient of these gorgeous gummies decorate a ghost or unicorn cookie. 


As many of us have found out in todays world ghost is not only a name given to a spirit that haunts domiciles.  This is also an action that potential love interests with the chosen communication of text may commit.  Unicorn is not simply a lovely creature of mythology and fantasy lore.  This is the magical epithet for privately owned startup companies.  Beneath the photo please see the urban dictionary explanations.  Can someone tell the cookie factory that ghosts and unicorns are META now?






Urban Dictionary Ghost

Urban Dictionary Unicorn

As it turns out Urban Dictionary had an altogether different definition of Unicorn!  Apparently swingers and singles also use this term colloquially.


What made you stop messing around with multiple ladies at once?

Man: Because I met a Unicorn. Her name is Lindsay.

Did you meet a Unicorn at the Gay bar tonight?

Cool gay guy: Yes I did, but it's not because they are gay, but because they are amazing.

What level of hotness and personality do you go for Sarah?

Sarah: Unicorn level.

Amy who is your favorite mythical creature?

Amy: John is.

You're girlfriend is crazy amazing!

Girl: I found out she's actually a Unicorn. 


The link below is actually my intended concept for the Unicorn Cookies I brought to coworking.

Tech Venture Unicorn Explanation

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  • Nom nom CBD cookies 🍪. CBD is so much betters than NSAIDs

    Naw Doode

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