Artist of the Month - The intersection of Community and Beauty

October is the month of myriad temperatures and changing appetites.

We celebrate ourselves and also the cornucopia of adventures that await our ever insatiable tastes.  Look at the offerings of perspective and activity that the month brings.

 Hispanic Heritage ,  

also World Mental Health Day

All Hallows Eve at the Winchester Mystery House


Not only can we celebrate our personal growth we can find out which of the psychedelic opportunities awaiting our aesthetic sensibilities is conjoined with the months prolific artists.  WHISBE is an artist to watch this month,  and his iconic take on community doe snot go out of season!  



However, discover for your own self the visual art and stimuli that makes you most excited. At Psychedelic Times the most instrumental of news outlets on our better living through talk therapy informed by pure chemistry there is the art of Chor Boogie being celebrated: Chor Boogie.  I highly encourage you to take a trip through this month's news cycle and enjoy their Newsletter: Psychedelic Times October Newsletter


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