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Feasting holidays remind us that as much as we want to talk we need to focus on chewing.  My favorite part of Thanksgiving is that as a uniquely American Holiday it reflects the deep depth roots and the gorgeous scenery of our national character.  At once both wholesome and low key bad for your digestion. 

Yet our observance of this day reminds us that just like the Pilgrims and the American Indians came together after years of infighting to bro out, we too can overlook our differences and sit at the moveable feast of our ever changing values.  I am  Thankful for CBD because its anti inflammatory properties deliver relief from my unreliable digestion.  Also have so much for gratitude that the world allows e-commerce! 

Thank you to all of our customers, employees and investors.  Have a great day with your favorite people, your randoms and all the food that you can still  find at the grocery store.  We believe that Fridays can be black or white or red and we will welcome them all the same.  Enjoy this Holiday Break with a special offer from Hempmeh!



Try edibles, tinctures, and trasndermal applications for your CBD Habit!



Home for the holidays ?  Prepare for this festive and awkward conversations with your favorite gummies!

Hemphome use it  and feel where your heart is!

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