Valentine's Day 2021 - Romance in Isolation = Discounts

Hugs rarely target our own selves let alone that even rarer apparition - our interior figures and life. The accomplishment of a hug is not merely affection accelerated through simple tactile seeking movement, it is a most gleeful embellishment of our mammalian social needs.  Certain societies and cities value hugs more than others.  This year I am most certainly running a deficit on hugs because of this new way of life known as "pandemic living". As a single lady in year's past I have found Valentine's Day an indulgent smorgasbord of hugs, kisses, and dates.  This year it's going to be a bit different.  Since I have not discovered any gems in SwipeLand for the annual day of romance, I am going to be celebrating this year by participating in a  little inner work and self compassions!  

You read that right - Self - Compassion, Self - Love and Self Care are the most dazzling elements of this year's Valentine's Day.  I want to point out this has nothing to do with onanism. There must in a satisfying life be an  inner romance one sparks for oneself is each and every day. As a 21st century personality cultivating my owns depths in a loving and devoted homage to the gods of love and passion I am constantly bamboozled and detoured by hedonism in the form of large portion eating, time wasting disguised as sensual media consumption, and confusing familial relationships.  Yes my own bias against the unknown brought on by my casual worship of science magnetizes my daily living into a marionette form of plain and ordinary living.  My routines are so discreet during social distancing that I might be a fossil by the time I qualify for that love bite - "the vaccine". 

Avoiding rigid atrophy right now is going to mainly be aided by the rare and sumptuous gifts that a quieter more cautious life brings.  More time alone is making me a pro at reflection and instead of spraining all my thoughts and muscles with tension from reliving mistakes of the past or longing for the triumphs of normal life.  I have come so far during the last ten months in understanding myself.  Part of that is also learning to love myself - again not talking about masturbation or tantric practice or asexuality.  Actually indicating going inward psychologically and using archetypes and symbols to gain insight into my own feelings and emotions!

There is not any known weight or measurement for self compassion or even self improvement.  Certainly dropping bad habits and taking on healthy new ways of living are a token of success and victory. My new habits for my new "stay at home" life include CBD Chocolate and CBD Gummies and sharing the experience, even if it's only through text and images. will be participating in Valentine's Day Gift Guide. Use the VDAYLAMAG Promo code and receive a 30% discount!

“In a Station of the Metro” by Ezra Pound

The apparition of these faces in the crowd;

Petals on a wet, black bough.


 “Haiku [for you]” by Sonia Sanchez

love between us is

speech and breath. loving you is

a long river running.



The most durable symbol of love eternal is poetry.  Many forms exist and of course in the western world we all yearn for the dewy brilliance of Shakespeare's sonnets.  Today to give myself that enormous inner bear hug that I have longed for all winter - I am going to take a flake of inspiration from the eastern masters and attempt to finish this blog with an original Haiku!

CBD Chocolate Haiku by

Chocolate Bars Delight

more heat seeking lips and hips

love drops can drip chips

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