CBD & Human Sexuality

Believe it or not CBD and Sex go together like happy and holidays! Honestly, the plant based elixir is simply powerful and subtle all at once. Many ask if CBD makes sex better.  Seriously its a top rated google search term - we see you !

Even if you're just asking for a friend, the query is a critical theme surrounding the hemp based pharmacopoeia. The details of which specific sexual prowess ailments this salve might heal have quite a range.  Many experts look at the question as dealing with mood and tactile enahncement - CBD as an active agent of enhanced sensory titillation. Here experts break it down in very medical establishment terms CBD in the Bedroom .  While the available products include edibles, lubricants, oral sprays and massage lotions one of our favorite CBD delivery methods is missing!  Since CBD for sex related pain, libido enhancement, and erectile dysfunction seem to have been covered we look towards sharing with you our favorite CBD system, that we discovered in the sexy city of San Francisco at a special dispensary  and find an indispensable tool in the most important aspect of sex: arousing genuine consensual interest and first contact in the partner!

Specifically  we are asking if CBD makes one night stands or self pleasure better? This specific sex CBD question has gone unanswered.  Has anyone attempted to go to a bar and offer someone a CBD Patch instead of a drink and see what happens?  No - that article is not turning up on our feeds.  However, we were very discreet and participated in just such an exchange.  The idea that CBD Gummies are going to make sex better is actually slightly absurd or perhaps an off label use. 

CBD Transdermal Patches are just as  likely to improve conversations that might lead to sex and the actual physical act of cuddling! We are still examining the and experimenting on the possible enhanced success of using CBD TransDermal Patches for actual physical sex and will publish the results before the end of the year.  Without a doubt. CBD Patches for a night out improve outcomes! Here is additional info on the Papa and Barkley Patches for the 2one2 Dispensary Website:

Transdermal patches are unique in the topical category because they are able to break the "blood-brain barrier", meaning you may experience psychoactive effects! Patches are great for long lasting, controlled relief and are intended to be left on the skin for 12-24 hours. 

This product contains 32.8 MG of CBD


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We hope this content has helped you understand the possible benefits and concerns associated with CBD as an agent of sexual satisfaction.  For more reading please click thru to the following resources:


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